Gary Presland is a highly experienced public speaker and lecturer of more than 30 years’ standing, and a regular participant in community/Council-based workshops and forums. He is available to speak on a range of subjects, including Victorian Aboriginal history, natural history in the Melbourne area, aspects of police and criminal history in Victoria, and the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria.


Gary’s forthcoming public speaking engagements include:

24 March 2019: Talk: Richmond & Burnley Historical Society, Caringbush Library, 2.00 p.m.: ‘Pre-European culture in the Richmond area’.

1 April 2019: Talk: Combined PROBUS groups of Notting Hill, Mulgrave Country Club, 10.30 a.m.: ‘The Indigenous people of the Notting Hill region’; Details: 8588 1593.

23 July 2019: Talk: City of Melbourne Library, Docklands: ‘The place of wetlands in the life of Indigenous groups of the Port Phillip region’, .

1 October 2019: Talk: Geelong Field Naturalists Club: ‘The pre-European Indigenous groups of the Port Phillip region’.

12 October 2019: Talk: Whitehorse Historical Society: ‘The pre-European Indigenous life and culture in the Whitehorse area’.

25 October 2019: Talk: FNCV Juniors group: ‘Traditional culture of pre-European Indigenous groups’.