Aboriginal Histories



First People

When Europeans first arrived in Victoria, Australia early in the 19th century, Aboriginal people had been living there for tens of thousands of years. The clans that lived around Port Phillip Bay and in central Victoria made up the eastern part of the Kulin nation.

Eastern Kulin clans were united by an array of social and religious connections, established over many generations, through intermarriage. These clans identified with particular tracts of land within which they could operate as an independent group. The religious and familial obligations of individuals, however, required regular movement within the wider territory of the Eastern Kulin.

First people details the Eastern Kulin way of life―the daily routines as people made a living by hunting and gathering; the necessity and rationale of regular and seasonal movement; and how a variety of relationships between groups characterised the Kulin world.

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First Residents

For thousands of years before Europeans settled on the land now covered by the western region of Melbourne, it was the estate of a number of Koorie clans. This publication looks at the original landscape and examines the social life of local Aboriginal people before white people took their lands.

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