Gary Presland is the author, co-author or editor of 21 books and more than 80 published articles on subjects related to his research interests.  His most recent book is a jubilee history of the Box Hill Historical Society, which was published in 2022. His currently available works are listed below.


First People

First Residents of Melbourne’s Western Region (Revised Edition)

Riding with Robinson: the field journals of George Augustus Robinson 8 January 1840 ─ 11 March 1840


The Place for a Village

The natural history of Footscray

The Whitehorse landscapes: as seen by the first settlers

Understanding our natural world: the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria 1880-2015


For God’s Sake Send the Trackers


Preserving our past: the Box Hill Historical Society 1963–2013

Recently published articles by Gary Presland

‘Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve: the most historically significant post-contact Indigenous site in Victoria. History News 354: 7. 2021

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‘The Kulin people and the failure of the Aboriginal Protectorate during the superintendency of C J La Trobe.’ LaTrobeana 16: 5–13, 2017

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