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Check out:  Gary’s newest book: a history of the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (FNCV). This club is the oldest of its kind in Australia, having formed in 1880. In its early years the club was instrumental in having Wilsons Promontory established as a National Park, and subsequently has been involved in many campaigns to conserve Victoria’s natural assets. Copies are available from the FNCV (cost $30 plus postage): contact Kathy Himbeck on


commhistawardsUnderstanding our natural world received a commendation at the 2016 Victorian Community History Awards, on Monday 17 October. (See picture at left.)

Don’t forget to check out Gary’s forthcoming historical walks and talks, elsewhere in this site.  As ever, the  demand for these engagements ebbs and flows, but that allows him more time for recreational walking and drinking coffee.

In the meantime, when he is not out talking (or drinking coffee) he is currently working on a couple of  projects.