For God’s Sake Send the Trackers

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For God's Sake Send the Trackers

The connections between police and Aborigines have always been strong and significant, and have many facets.  For God’s sake send the trackers details how, following the use of Queensland Aboriginal troopers during the 1879-80 hunt for the Kelly Gang, Victoria Police set up its own corps of Queensland trackers.

The book looks at the intermittent use of Aboriginal trackers by Victoria Police up to the 1880 decision to employ Queensland Aborigines (Murris) on a permanent basis, and the resultant use of these men until 1968. It examines the relationships that existed between the white police and the black trackers over this 90 year period, and details many of the cases on which the Murris worked. The book contains a listing of all the Murris employed in the period 1880 to 1968, and provides personal details of a number of these men.

For God’s sake send the trackers tells an enthralling and previously untold story of mutual benefit between two quite different groups of men.

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