Understanding our natural world

/ May 17th, 2016 / Comments Off on Understanding our natural world

FNCV_History_coverThe Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (FNCV) is the oldest organisation of its kind in Australia. From its beginnings in 1880, the club has been centrally involved in campaigns to conserve the natural flora and fauna of Victoria. In the 1890s FNCV was instrumental in having Wilsons Promontory declared as a National Park.

The story of the FNCV is about thousands of people working together to increase their own knowledge, as well as the awareness of a wider population, about the indigenous plants and animals of Victoria. In more than 135 years of fieldwork, in all parts of Victoria,  the Club has made an enormous contribution to the scientific understanding of the state’s natural environments and its flora and fauna.

This history of the FNCV explores the ways in which the Club has gone about achieving its aims, since its inception in 1880. Along the way the book charts the major shifts in the preservation and conservation of the natural environments of Victoria over the past 135 years.

Available for $30 (+postage where applicable) from the FNCV: email: bookshop@fncv.org.au; snail mail: PO Box 13, Blackburn Victoria 3130.