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This is a complete and up-to-date list of all published books and articles written by Gary Presland

(1) Authored books & edited volumes:

2022    Preserving our past: the Box Hill Historical Society 1963–2013 (Box Hill:  Box Hill Historical Society Inc.)

2022    Riding with Robinson: the field journals of George Augustus Robinson 9 January 1840 – 11 March 1840.              (Box Hill: Gary Presland)

2016    Understanding our natural world: the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria 1880–2015 (Blackburn: Field                       Naturalists Club of Victoria)

2011    The Whitehorse landscape: as seen by the first settlers (Box Hill: Box Hill Historical Society Inc.)

2010    First people: the Eastern Kulin of Melbourne, Port Phillip and central Victoria (Melbourne:                                        Museum Victoria) [Revised edition of Aboriginal Melbourne]

2009    The natural history of the Footscray District (Footscray: Footscray Historical Society)

2008    The place for a village: how nature has shaped the city of Melbourne (Melbourne: Museum Victoria)

2005    (with Sheila Houghton) Leaves from our history The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria 1880–2005.                          (Blackburn: Field Naturalists Club of Victoria)

2003    (Compiled and Edited) Re-union of Junior Recruits 4th Intake HMAS Leeuwin (Melbourne: The Author)

2002    (Edited with Kee Pookong, Ho Chooi-Hon, & Paul McGregor) Chinese in Oceania (Melbourne:                               ASCADAPI, Chinese Museum & Centre for Asia–Pacific Studies)

2000    Scratching the surface. A brief history of the Victoria Archaeological Survey 1972–1994.

1998    ‘For God’s sake send the trackers’: Aboriginal trackers and Victoria Police, 1880–1968. (Melbourne:                       Victoria Press)

1998    (Edited with Shirley Jones & Jack Rogerson) Cards Australia 1998. (Melbourne:  Australian Cartophilic                Society)

1997    The first residents of Melbourne’s western region. (Revised edition). (Melbourne: Harriland Press)

1994    (with Gavin Brown & Ralph Stavely) In the performance of duty. The murder and assault of Victorian                    police 1837–1988. (Melbourne:  Victoria Police Historical Society Inc.

1994    Aboriginal Melbourne.  The lost land of the Kulin people. (Melbourne:  McPhee Gribble) [Revised edition               of Land of the Kulin]

1990    (with Helen Harris) Cops and robbers. A guide to researching nineteenth century police and criminal                   records in Victoria, Australia. (Melbourne: Harriland Press)

1987    The first residents of Melbourne’s western region. (Footscray: Footscray City Council/Living Museum of                  the West)

1985    The Land of the Kulin. Discovering the lost landscape and first people of Port Phillip. (Melbourne:                            McPhee Gribble)

1980    (Editor) Journals of George Augustus Robinson, May to August 1841. Records of the Victorian                             Archaeological Survey, No. 11

1977    (Editor) Journals of George Augustus Robinson, March to May 1841. Records of the Victorian                              Archaeological Survey, No. 6

1977    (Editor) Journals of George Augustus Robinson, January to March 1840. Records of the Victorian                         Archaeological Survey, No. 5

(2) Journal articles, and chapters in published books: 

2021      ‘Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve: the most historically significant post-contact Indigenous site in                  Victoria. History News 354: 7.

2020      ‘On the Peppertree Schinus L. in Australia.’ The Victorian Naturalist 137: 173–178.

2020      ‘Tribute: Margaret Corrick 18 March 1928 – 16 September 2014’ The Victorian Naturalist 137: 1xx–1xx.

2019      ‘FGA Barnard — Naturalist, historian and committed Kewite.’ Victorian Historical Journal 90: 121–133.

2018     ‘Dredging Up History: The Remaking of Melbourne’s Swampy Landscapes.’ Proceedings of                                    Urban History Planning History Conference: Remaking Cities, 410–419 [https://cloudstor.]  

2017    ‘The Kulin people and the failure of the Aboriginal Protectorate during the superintendency of C J La                     Trobe.’ LaTrobeana 16: 5–13.

2016     ‘Australian Natural History Medallion 2016: Dr Max Moulds OAM’ The Victorian Naturalist 133: 208–209.

2016     ‘Australian Natural History Medallion 2015: Margaret MacDonald OAM’ The Victorian Naturalist 133: 30–                  31.

2015     ‘Australian Natural History Medallion 2014: Tom May’ The Victorian Naturalist 132: 16–17.

2014     ‘Tribute: Sheila Houghton 18 March 1928 – 16 September 2014’ The Victorian Naturalist 131: 219–220.

2014     ‘Aboriginal mortuary practices in Victoria’ in G. Hutchinson In memorium: a guide to the history and                           heritage of Victoria’s Cemeteries. Melbourne. Hardie Grant Books/ Dept of Health

2014     ‘Australian Natural History Medallion 2013: Marilyn Hewish’ The Victorian Naturalist
              131: 30–31.

2014     ‘A boggy question: differing views of wetlands in 19th century Melbourne’ The Victorian Naturalist 131: 96–105.

2013    ‘Tribute: Noel Schleiger 3 October 1926 – 14 April 2013’ The Victorian Naturalist 130: 137–138.

2013    ‘Core values in Aboriginal religions’ The Beacon July 2013: 6–9.

2013     ‘Tribute: Arthur Wolfgang Thies 10 November 1914 – 20 February 2012’ The Victorian Naturalist 130: 86.

2013    ‘Tribute: Dorothy Mahler 28 February 1941 – 12 December 2012’ The Victorian   Naturalist 130: 53–54.

2012    ‘I sailed under four flags’ The Log 45:148-151.

2012    ‘With the trackers in Gippsland, 1886’ Journal of Police History 1: 49–51.

2012     ‘Australian Natural History Medallion 2011: John CZ Woinarski’ The Victorian Naturalist 129: 20–21.

2011    ‘The natural environments of La Trobe’s Melbourne’ LaTrobeana 10 (3): 35–42.

2011    ‘Introduction to Biodiversity Symposium issue’ The Victorian Naturalist 128: 160–161.

2011    ‘Landscapes of 19th century Melbourne’ Ancestor 30(6): 12–15.

2011    ‘The development of Melbourne’ Agora 1: 47-52.

2010    ‘Australian Natural History Medallion 2010: Don PA Sands OAMThe Victorian Naturalist 127: 266–267.

2010    ‘The role of naturalists in environmental conservation’ Transactions of the Royal Society of  Victoria 122 (2): xci–xcv.

2010    ‘Policing the Port Phillip District of NSW’ Journal of Police History 1: 4–8.

2009    ‘Once in the suburbs: some historical notes on bird watching and collecting in Melbourne’ The      Victorian                   Naturalist 126: 64–69.

2008    ‘Jack’s war’ Bravo! Recollections and reflections of the veteran community (Melbourne: Department of Veterans’ Affairs)

2007     ‘How Aboriginal studies ceased to be part of natural history’ The Victorian Naturalist 124:157–162.

2006    [Reprint of] Making of the Mallee. Birds of south-eastern Australia. Dry Country (Melbourne: Gould League of Victoria Inc) pp. 3–5.

2005     Entries, as follows, in Brown-May, Andrew & Shurlee Swain (Eds) The Encyclopedia of Melbourne (Melbourne: Cambridge University Press): ‘Boonwurrung’ (pp. 80–81); ‘Environment, natural’ (239–241);                    ‘Keilor Archaeological Area’ (386); ‘Kulin’(392–394); ‘Woiwurrung’ (775); and ‘Wurundjeri’ (782).

2004    ‘A vision of Melbourne’s past’ Traffic 5:113–128.

2004    ‘Aboriginal Australians’ Australia, Melbourne: Lonely Planet Publications,  pp. 34–35.

2003    ‘The Police Commissioner and the Historical Society of Victoria’ Victorian Historical Journal      74: 21–33.

2003    ‘The landscape of the Wurundjeri’ In Rural remnants  Some early Melbourne landscapes and       what                         happened to them Yarra–Melbourne Local History Forum, pp.1–2.

2002    ‘A reflection on Aboriginal tracking’ Philosophy Activism Nature  No. 2, pp. 63–64.

2002    ‘Towards a natural history of Melbourne’ Ethos 2002 Victorian Association of Social Studies       Teachers,                     vol. 10, pp. 3–9.

2002    ‘People, land, spirit: Koorie life on the Yarra Yarra’ Victorian Historical Journal 73(1):21–33.

2001     ‘The good oil’ In Griffiths, T.  Ash Forest  Melbourne: Museum Victoria/ Cambridge       University Press

2001    ‘From the Birr-arrung to Willam-meering (Yarra River to Mount William): A journey through        Aboriginal                 Victoria’ In Rasmussen, C. et al. A Museum for the people. (Melbourne: Scribe)

2001    ‘Artefact of history: a history of The Artefact The Artefact 24:5–9

2000    ‘Katherine Ada Mackay’ Australian Dictionary of Biography Vol. 15 1940–1980 Kem–Pie  pp.237–238.

1998    ‘A.S. Gallus and the Archaeological Society of Victoria.’ The Artefact 21:9–13

1997    ‘Henry E P Dana’ in Forth, G. (Ed) Western District Dictionary of Biography

1997    ‘George Augustus Robinson’ in Forth, G. (Ed) Western District Dictionary of Biography

1997    (with John Kean) ‘Constructing an empire: the use of maps in the dispossession and repossession of                                indigenous culture.’ in Unlocking Museums. The proceedings of 4th National   Conference of Museums                          Australia Inc. Museums Australia, Darwin, pp. 40–44

1996     ‘Raymond Hudson Dunn’ Australian Dictionary of Biography Vol. 14 1940–1980 Di–Kel

1995    ‘Chinese, crime and police in 19th century Victoria.’  In Macgregor, P. (Ed) Histories of the          Chinese in                     Australasia and the South Pacific  Melbourne: Museum of Chinese Australian History.  pp.378–386

1995    The Russell Street Police Complex. Australian Police Journal 49(3):160–165

1995    Traditional Koorie life in the Port Phillip area. Woorilla 6(1):34–36

1995    Detecting Chinese crime in 19th century Victoria. In  Ryan, J. (Ed) Chinese in Australia and         New                            Zealand A multi-disciplinary approach. New Delhi: New Age International Publishers

1994     Entries on ‘Aboriginal trackers’ and ‘Port Phillip Protectorate’ in The Encyclopedia of Aboriginal Australia.                 Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press

1994     The Police Commissioner and the Historical Society of Victoria. Journal of Police History 2:7–15.

1994    Chinese detectives. Journal of Police History 2: 49–53.

1994     Blending black, white and yellow: the presence of Aborigines and Chinese in  the Victoria          Police.  Papers               of the 7th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry pp. 42.1–6.

1994    Chinese detectives. Journal of Police History 2: 49–53.

1994    Presentation of Victorian police history. Australian Police Journal 48(2):88–90

1992    Policing the city of Melbourne. Ancestor Summer. pp. 2–3.

1991    Koories. (Chapter 4 in) Dennis, C. (Ed.) Landscapes recycled  The changing environment of       Melbourne’s West Melbourne: Living Museum of the West 

1991    Researching Victoria Police records. Our Heritage in History Proceedings of the 6th          Australasian                         Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry, pp. 279–287.

1991    Goldfields disappearance never solved. Victoria Police Association Journal April. pp. 27–31.

1990     Sources of police history held by the Victoria Police Historical Unit  The Genealogist 7(1):153–55.

1989    Victoria Police Historical Unit. Australasian Family History Gazette 2(3): 11–13.

1989    The journals of George Augustus Robinson. La Trobe Library Journal 11 (No. 43): 9–12.

1989     Sources of Gippsland Police history in Police Historical Unit. Gippsland Heritage Journal
             6:37 39.

1989     The check-list approach. The VAS Site Register. In Sites and bytes Recording Aboriginal sites in Australia                   Canberra: Australian Heritage Special Publication No. 8. pp. 232–238.

1988    A History of policing in Victoria. Monthly Bulletin. (December). Victoria Police.

1986    One hundred and fifty years of Aboriginal studies in Victoria. The Artefact 11: 13–28.

1986    Making of the Mallee. Birds of south-eastern Australia. Dry Country Gould League of Victoria Inc., pp. 3–5.

1985    George Robinson and the Aborigines. In Poad D., A. West & R. Miller Contact: an Australian                                            history. (Melbourne. Heinemann Educational)

1985    The archaeology of the Western District of Victoria. In Western Victorian Aboriginal art and        culture.                     Catalogue of exhibition at Geelong and City of Ballaarat Art Galleries, July/August

1984    A cautionary tale: computerisation of the Victoria Archaeological Survey Sites Register.   Advances in                               computer archaeology 1:7–11.

1984    The archaeology of Melbourne. The Victorian Naturalist 101:170–177.

1984     (with Ian Glover) Microliths in Indonesian flaked stone industries. In (Misra R. & P. Bellwood) Recent                           advances in Indo-Pacific Prehistory. Pp. 185–196.

1980    Changes in lithic technology in South Sulawesi,  6000–4000 BC. The Artefact 5(1&2): 19–46.

1980     Forest cultures in South and  Southeast Asia. In (Edited, A. Sherratt) Cambridge Encyclopedia of  Archaeology Cambridge University Press, pp. 272–276.

1979    Prehistory. (Chapter 3 in) Report on South West District 2 Land Conservation Council, Melbourne.

1977    Aboriginal heritage. In Landscape planning and conservation in North-east Victoria.  National Trust of Australia (Victoria), pp. 12–14.

1977    Aboriginal local groups and  seasonal exploitation in southwestern Victoria. The Artefact   2(4):197–208.